Louise Wiseman



Louise is a photographer and printmaker who works in different techniques but particularly enjoys those which allow her twin loves of print and photography to come together, such as screenprinting, photographic etching and cyanotype. There are no overarching themes or narratives to her work, and she takes inspiration wherever she finds it, but travel – another passion – is a frequent source of inspiration and many of her images begin with one of her travel photographs. She enjoys playing with colour and texture and using them to bring a very different feel to what might otherwise be an unexceptional and often mundane scene.

A life-long photographer, Louise discovered printmaking unexpectedly 2018 and quickly became addicted. Since then, she has been fortunate in having her work exhibited widely in the UK and beyond, including two solo exhibitions. Above all, she makes images for the joy of creating them and in the hope of sharing some of that joy with the people kind enough to look at them.


Winner of the Surface Gallery Award (2022)
Winner of the Dizzy Ink Award (2020)

Louise Wiseman