What do you mean by 'original hand-pulled prints'?

All submissions must be created using a recognised printmaking process: e.g. Serigraphy, Etching, Lithography, Mezzotint, Monoprint, Dry point, Linocut, Woodcut, Collography etc...

Purely digital / photographic prints will not be accepted. However, the inclusion of digital/photographic work as part of the image creation process is welcomed (eg: photographic etching), provided that the final physical print is not produced using a digital print method.

Chine Collé techniques must be used in conjunction with archival glues and archival papers.

Do you accept digital prints?

The Derby Print Open is a celebration of hands-on printmaking processes.

As the guidelines explain, it is fine to include digital work as part of the image making process provided that the final physical print is not produced using an exclusively digital print process. However, Risographs are accepted.

Is there an assigned theme?

No, there is no assigned theme. We wanted to keep things simple and make it open to as many contributors as possible so there is no emphasis on a theme.

Can I submit both framed and unframed work?

As this will be a physical exhibition we request that all work is submitted on the understanding that it may be requested to be framed if selected for hanging. Work does not have to be framed prior to selection.

We may also notify you that additional selections from your submission have been made for our print browers (these prints are not required to be framed).

Upon successful selection, both options will allow for (up to 2) additional unframed prints from the same edition to be included, provided your submission is not a monotype.

How should I present my work?

We request that all work submitted via our application form is photographed or scanned at high resolution. This will enable us to both carefully consider the work for selection, as well as present it appropriately for the virtual exhibition and printed catalogue.

Please note, work should be photographed or scanned to include the paper margin and editioning. Please note, it will therefore be easier to photograph/scan work unframed. 


Who organises the Derby Print Open, and why?

The Derby Print Open is organised by Green Door Printmaking Studio. We are Derbyshire's only open access printmaking studio dedicated to the art and craft of innovative and environmentally sound printmaking. As part of our ethos, we are trying to raise the profile of printmaking as a primary art form with a long and distinguished history.

After much consideration, we decided to organise and host the first Derby Print Open in order to further promote printmaking and printmakers to a wider audience, celebrating this medium in its many variations to all. 

Prior to the Derby Print Open, Derbyshire did not have an Open exhibition purely for showcasing printmaking, so, we decided to start one!

Can printmakers not based in the United Kingdom take part?

Unfortunately, the Derby Print Open is currently only open to submissions from printmakers who are living or working in the United Kingdom. This is primarily due to logistics and postage costs.

However, if you are a printmaker based outside of the UK, please consider taking part in our sister project, the International Print Exchange

Are there any size restrictions to consider when submitting the application?

We request that all work submitted is A2 (42cm x 59.4cm) or smaller in size (frame not included).

Please note, all work must be 2D based. 

What does the submission fee cover?

The submission fee will cover the costs incurred for administration, installation and promotional literature for the Derby Print Open. Other costs covered by the submission fee will include accommodation hire and secure storage of print submissions for the duration of the organisation process, additional insurance cover, and web site design and exhibition promotion.


As a side note, the Derby Print Open is currently self-funded project. We very much believe in making printmaking accessible to all and as part of our ethos we do not agree with establishments who overcharge artists for exhibiting and promotion opportunities. It is for this reason that (subject to available space) each entrant will be guaranteed to exhibit at least one of the submitted works provided all other guidelines are adhered to.

Do you require any fixtures to be attached to framed work?

Yes, we require D-rings to be affixed with appropriately sized D-rings and picture wire. Please note, fixtures provided must be large enough to support the weight of the frame.

As we will be displaying the frames using our in-house hanging system, we reccomend that D-rings should be fixed 1/3 down the frame, facing inwards on either side. Please see guide below for details:

If my work is accepted, can I post it to you rather than deliver in person?

You are more than welcome to submit work if you are based anywhere in the UK. However, please note that any additional postage costs incurred will need to be covered separately from the submission fee.

If your application is successful and you would prefer to post your work to us, please let us know in advance and send us your tracking code so we can ensure that it reaches us safely. We cannot be held responsible for any damages during transit.

We are available to wrap and post items back to your return address, however, please note you will be responsible for arranging collection with your preferred courier service and send us any applicable postal labels.