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Northamptonshire based printmaker and illustrator, Amelia Bown, works primarily in screen printing and nature illustrations, since learning both disciplines in her MA in Visual Communication (illustration) from the University of Derby. Graduating in 2012 and not returning to the art world till 2020 with an Air art award from the Derby Print Open for a linocut turtle print made during lockdown.

Her linocut ocean life series went on to be displayed at Derby Hospital to bring joy to patients and medical staff providing a well needed burst of colour and playfulness from the cold sterile walls in a stressful time. This encouraged Amelia’s leap into the professional art world and was the start of her journey in celebrating and promoting the natural world.

Amelia’s fascination with nature started at a young age. Growing up in Leicestershire’s rural countryside, surrounded by wildlife and flora her dream was to be like David Attenborough. Wishing to share her passion for art and wildlife Amelia creates prints and home-ware that highlight the beauty and wonder of the natural world by introducing colour through the use of patterned paper to simple line drawings. She often makes marks with ink on paper or linocut backgrounds to be incorporated into digital paintings and silk screen printings.

Amelia aim is to push the constrictions of the flatness of screen printing and finds ways to bring life into her pieces by making her water reflective or adding texture through the build up of ink. Her chosen wildlife takes inspiration from the facts she learns either from observation, literature or documentaries.

Amelia takes part in art fairs and art exhibitions around the UK with her original prints and nature illustrated home-ware. She has exhibited in London and Edinburgh by becoming a Sketch for Survival finalist in 2020, 2021 and 2023. Her most recent achievement was winning an honourable mention from the Blue Koi Gallery for her Squirrel Monkey silk screen-print early this 2024.


Winner of the Air Arts Award (2020)

Amelia Bown



A Sloth’s Upside Down World

Amelia Bown


Hyacinth Macaw Symphony

Amelia Bown


Mother & Child

Amelia Bown


Shinning Bright in the Rainforest

Amelia Bown


Toucan’s love Oranges

Amelia Bown