Amelia Bown



Amelia Bown is an artist from the Midlands. She loves to show the beauty of the world through print and drawings. Inspired by nature and literature, she produces work that illustrates wildlife and her favourite books such as Alice in Wonderland. Having an illustration background she creates using screen prints that allow her to use her black line drawings and introduce colour through the use of patterned paper. These backgrounds are either designed by her or repurposed from other sources.

Amelia has been printmaking for 16 years, her love for the medium started at University. She gained a MA in Illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Derby in 2012. She is a member of the Leicester Print Workshop (LPW).

Amelia has been working on CMYK silk screen prints of her Wildlife illustrations as a means to bring the outdoors into our homes. ‘Some of us don’t have natural beauty on our doorstep and I want to provide a window to that.’ Amelia hopes to promote the natural world and bring the joy of it to people’s homes.

Her work is often a promotion of the beauty of life and what we can find in the world. “I love observing nature and enjoy showing the viewer the beauty of what we have today.”

Amelia has had her work exhibit in The Sketch for Survival 2020 and 2021, received the Air Arts award for her Lino print of a sea turtle in the Derby Open Print 2020 and has had work exhibit in the Small Print International 6 at the Leicester print Workshop 2020 – 2021.


Winner of the Air Arts Award (2020)