Theodora Prassa



Through various mediums such as textiles, collage and video, Dora manipulates materials and plays with abstraction, creating digital collages. She borrows urban forms from public space and reinterprets them in new compositions. Repetition is often identified in her work, such as pattern, textures, and digital image.

With the use of everyday life materials and images she records her relationship with public space and seeks to create a new, multidimensional dialogue with the viewer.

Currently she is Technical Specialist in Print and tutor at NTU and team leader and curator at Creative Reactions | Pint of Science festival. She has an active artistic presence, is studio member at Backlit, and often takes part in art residencies, which has allowed her to have her work exhibited nationally and internationally in various exhibitions and festivals. Her work has received awards and been commissioned and funded by Arts Council England, Goethe Institut, S.H.E.D, and Artcore.


Winner of the Dizzy Ink Award (2023)