Skyler Yixian Liu



Skyler Liu is an artist and printmaker whose works explore identity, memory and trauma. Skyler graduated with a Bachelor of Illustration and Visual Media from London College of Communication (UAL), before undertaking an MA Print at the Royal College of Art. Skyler works through various media, including printmaking, photography, animation, and drawings. Skyler lives and works in London (UK).

Words such as “impression” and “imprint” are often used when we attempt to describe the phenomenon of memory. Plato once conceptualised memory as a print made upon the soul, and prints and photographs are often thought to etch in and store information. But photographs may be unreliable, and memories can be lost, repressed, and distorted. My works focus on the notions of unconscious trauma, memory and forgetting. I often work with imagery that emerges in my dreams and might represent repressed emotions I have long felt. I often recover these dream memories in fragments and use processes of abrasion and dissolution through lithography to imply loss and disruption. The emotional residue or echo of my dreams becomes the connection between me and my works; they also document my psychological healing process. Essentially, it is a journey of self-understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness.




Lost in Time

by Skyler Yixian Liu

Stone Lithography on Japanese Paper


The Failing Heart

by Skyler Yixian Liu

Stone Lithography on Japanese Paper