Sarah Strachan



Sarah Strachan (b. 1974, Andover, UK) is an emerging artist based in Cambridge, currently studying for an MA in Fine Art. In her transdisciplinary practice she senses environmental changes through deep conversations with people, place, the land and the materials and objects associated with these.

In 2021, she was selected as one of 25 emerging artists at the British Ceramic Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent. Working with ceramics and print allows Sarah to explore issues of sustainability through her conversations with materials and process. In printmaking, she is particularly drawn to photopolymer etching as it allows for the photograph’s referential qualities whilst capturing images through exposure to the earth’s most important resource – the sun. It creates a forensic-like remnant of our anthropocentric culture. Her recent installation Just a spoonful, involving print and ceramics, uncovers the complexities of our relationship with soil and was awarded first prize in the Sustainability Art Prize in 2021.

Whilst materials are important to Sarah’s practice, her creative concepts with a social or community dimension are often more embedded and enduring. For example, The air we breathe (2018-ongoing) which explores issues of inter-generational justice and air quality. This is because her interests lie in how our perception of being in, knowing and belonging to the world affects our ecological awareness and thinking. Sarah’s work seeks to question or disrupt habitual perspectives through the liminality of objects, materials and spaces she creates.


Winner of the Dubrek Studios Award