Nora Hammenberg



In my art, I explore the nature that I am surrounded by and the structures I find, I take this impressions with me into the print workshop and through the slow process of lithography my art work develops. My art touches the subjects of memories, landscapes, old and abandoned. I imagine the place, what could have happen here, who were here and who lived here?

I am born in Göteborg, Sweden. I studied printmaking at Gothenburg School of Art between 2011 and 2013. In 2014 I was accepted to the prestigious Tamarind Institute where I studied lithography. After graduating at the Tamarind Institute I worked hard to create a portfolio of lithographs, that I exhibit twice with good success in Sweden. In 2016 I moved to Leeds and I opened Stone Tree Press, a lithography studio where I teach and collaborate with artist as well as developing my own artistic work.
I have exhibit art in Sweden, USA and U.K.

Nora Hammenberg