Nic Stoker



Nic Stoker was born in Bristol in 1958, but spent most of his childhood in Yorkshire and has lived in the beautiful market town of Beverley for over 30 years.
Nic studied Fine Art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, specialising in painting and printmaking.

Preferring a life of relative comfort to the life of a struggling artist, he worked as a specialist civil servant in legal and policy work until he took early retirement in 2016.

Nic’s work is centred on the beauty and interest to be found in the apparently ordinary and everyday and often originates from drawings made from life in the sketchbooks he always carries with him.



web Nic Stoker - Allotment Shed

Allotment Shed

by Nic Stoker

Wood Engraving on Zerkall 7648 (120gsm)

web Nic Stoker - Badger in Snow

Badger in Snow

by Nic Stoker

Vinyl Engraving on Awagami Masa

web Nic Stoker - Conversation 2

Conversation 2

by Nic Stoker

Linocut on Somerset Satin

web Nic Stoker - Daffodils


by Nic Stoker

Linocut on Zerkall 7648 (120gsm)

web Nic Stoker - Four Quinces II

Four Quinces II

by Nic Stoker

Linocut on Somerset Satin