Margot Eardley



My name is Margot I am a Southampton based Fine Art Printmaker. My artistic journey has taken me from Art college, though fashion knitwear design, though a successful career in visual merchandising to my current incarnation as a printmaker.

All my prints are hand made by me, from the creation of the image & plate to passing the image though my Hawthorn press. Colour and texture I observe in the natural world really excite me. I am always looking and learning for new ways to express an image. This can be pushing coloured ink into an etching plate with my fingers or rolling ink onto a lino plate. Using transparent colours on multi plates, cutting away lino in a reduction image. I love printmaking because one never stops learning, people have been making print images for many hundreds of years, a very humbling occupation. I hope you like my work.

Margot Eardley