Kerrie Suteu



Luminita (lu-min-it-sa) comes from the Romanian for “little light”. It’s an appropriate name for a short artist, making small prints about the little, everyday joys that amuse us who happened to marry a Romanian. I share my home with the woodpeckers, badgers and foxes that visit from the neighbouring pocket pack, in Northamptonshire.

Working in linocut, my designs develop from my interest in local, native wildlife and our relationship with it. I enjoy making works in a series using a limited colour palette and exploring the poetic in the everyday. My current series, A Guide to Gardeners, explores the different personality traits we show when we put on our wellies. From the socialiser to the worrier, each character has a deep love of creating something whether that be a great atmosphere at the shed, or a new seedling emerging from the soil.

I feel a strong empathy with creative work which explores the social outsider. We all have our tribe, it may be small but can be mighty!

Kerrie Suteu



The Worrier

by Kerrie Suteu

Linocut on Daler Rowney Smooth Heavyweight