Georgie Fay



I am a participatory artist and printmaker and run education workshops and projects with adults, young people and children in and around London. I am the Head of Education and deliver a diverse and inclusive programme at the October Gallery that explores contemporary art and artists from around the world.

My education practice has led me to explore particular themes, ideas and processes which now weave through all aspects of my thinking and creating. At the heart of my work is a search for our place, voice and connections in our landscape, home and history. I have been exploring ideas about the current climate crisis, ‘loss of imagination’, ‘capturing energy’, ‘stitching together memory and place’ and the tensions between ‘humankind and Nature’. All these themes and ideas are derived from my own engagement with the world around me; from the city pavement to the flight pattern of migrating birds; from everyday journeys we take for granted to experiencing unfamiliar or imagined landscapes.

These themes and ideas are translated in my art practice mostly through the medium of print. The science, processes and use of traditional techniques in printmaking has given me the chance to experiment within a structured framework. I relish the challenge of using 2D printmaking methods as a means of expressing thoughts, ideas and experimental play into something more representative and less ephemeral. I like to work with photography, digital imagery and found materials as inspirations, which I collate to produce etchings and monoprints. I use experimental drawing and mark-making to explore the contrast between digital and analogue images. I like to use layers of imagery in my work and create contrived landscapes to tell a story – I want people to find personal connections to the images I create and therefore consider the universality of the human experience.

I am currently interested in developing projects in which nature, science and human history collide. I am keen to research the history of humankind and how we have interacted with and changed the landscape. I would like to explore the elements and trace their meaning and significance for humans; from Neolithic farmers to the large power stations scattered across the country. Earth, Fire, Wind and Water will become the starting points for a new body of prints and perhaps then expanding my practice to explore performance and installation-based work.

Georgie Fay