Eva Juusola



I am an artist and printmaker based in Sheffield.

After working in watercolours for many years, I took up printmaking in 2019. I started off making collagraph prints, then moved on to aluminium plate etching. I feel that this medium best allows me to express my fascination with light and atmosphere. I enjoy both the discipline of the process and the unpredictability of the end result.

I am inspired by the Peak District and I love nothing more than getting outside and sketching the landscape in all seasons. My watercolour and ink sketches often form the basis for my prints. I aim to capture the moods created by different atmospheric conditions in the simplest way possible, by stripping away any unnecessary detail to get to the essence of the subject.


Winner of the St Cuthbert’s Mill Award (2022)
Winner of the Banks Mill Studios Award (2022)

Eva Juusola