Christian Birch



Having been born into a family of art teachers I have always been drawn towards creative endeavours. I completed a foundation degree in art and design wherein my focus was fairytales presented through silhouette, this lead me to a degree in animation. Since then I have refreshed my love of printmaking first discovered during the media experimentation stage in foundation.

My print work is focused primarily around natural forms and nature, often with the incorporation and contrast of geometric and organic shapes; I use these elements along with some manipulation to present known objects in a way that they may not have been seen previously. I often use layering of colour and muted tones within my work and pay close attention to fine details. Recently I have been playing around with pattern in my work and mirroring aspects of the patterns within natural forms. I admire the perfection and symmetry that is found within nature and our surroundings, and I draw on this for inspiration.

Processed with VSCO with  preset