Abigail Baxter



I am currently a third year Fine Art student, at the Northern School of Art. My work investigates the linear forms found in urban street scenes. I create work through the process of walking in my local area or visiting locations and taking street photography, to use as reference images.

I focus on capturing compositions that interest me and represent the view of the pedestrian, or walker. My current chosen medium is printmaking – specifically linocuts – although I have also experimented with screen printing, cyanotypes and dry-point etching. My style is often illustrative in nature, using my street photography as a reference for my linocuts.

However, the work is not entirely representative of the original image – the perspective is often inaccurate and the image becomes flipped once printed, distorting it from the original view. This brings an alternative view and perspective of the street to the viewer, reflecting the idea of nostalgia and distorted memories attached to these locations.