Covid-19 Survey Results

30 March 2020

Thank you to everyone who submitted their responses to our recent survey.

We were encouraged by the overwhelming positivity and support for the Derby Print Open and, based on the results, we have made the decision to extend the deadline for submissions and host this year’s Open as an online exhibition.

Click here to read how this has affected this year’s Derby Print Open.

Please read on for full results and comments…






Selected comments…

  • Exhibited my work last year and was grateful to have been given this opportunity. I think the best approach is to post-pone the event and offer an online exhibition as well.
  • It isn’t essential travel to deliver work for an exhibition. A virtual exhibition would be much safer.
  • Thank you for all of your effort to make the Derby Print Open happen.
  • In these difficult different times it would give me a positive focus. Seeing the other people’s work online would give me inspiration too. Being creative helps me with maintaining a calm perspective.
  • Delighted you’re being creative in your response to challenging times.
  • It is difficult to know how to plan, but well done DPO team for trying hard to keep things normal.
  • You are very thoughtful and sensitive given the situation and applaud you for consulting artists. I was looking forward to applying and hopefully exhibiting framed work as well as visiting you for the first time but am unable to travel given road and rail restrictions at the moment. I will still apply next year when this difficult time has hopefully passed. You have an amazing set up from what I can see online and congratulate you. In the meantime keep safe.
  • Thank you for this well thought out consideration in such difficult times.
  • I do hope we can have some sort of exhibition. Thank you for all your work.
  • Think it is not the time to hold a studio/gallery based Derby Print Open at the present time. An on-line exhibition would be great!
  • Thank you for trying to keep it going. The Derby Print Open is always a brilliant opportunity for printmakers. Happy with whatever option you all feel best and will continue to support you all whatever your decision. Look forward to when we can visit in person. Take care and thank you.
  • Hope everyone is safe and well and glad you’re still providing opportunities for printmakers!!



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