Thom Igwe-Walker



Thom Igwe-Walker lives and works in London. He has an MA in Printmaking from UAL: Camberwell College of Arts and a Ba from Glasgow School of Art. He works as a Printmaking Technician at Uxbridge College and East London Printmakers, where he is also a keyholder.

During his MA Thom’s work focussed on examining specific instances of human intervention into the physical world. Specifically, he based a series of etchings and book works on the construction of the Panama Canal. The work in his final MA exhibition was based on themes of land usage and ownership in England. The show included a series of etchings, photographic works and a sound piece depicting the village of Laxton in Nottinghamshire, which still uses a medieval land usage system for farming know as Open Fields.

Since finishing his MA Thom has been based at East London Printmakers and has been concentrating on pushing etching processes whilst playing in the studio. The etchings often depict abstract forms that are entwined or combined; several distinct parts that come together to make a whole form. These forms often reference elements of the physical world such as rock formations, lava and plant vines.

As a parallel project Igwe-Walker’s most recent works go back to explore figurative drawing. The etchings ‘Harold’ and ‘Wangari’ are portraits of prominent figures of Black History. These are part of an ongoing series, which are aimed to help raise money for organisations based in the UK promoting Black History.