Sue Clegg

I record sites, places and buildings using drawings, notes, photography and a range of media which I then use to work from in the studio. I am fascinated by the history of places, buildings, areas beneath the earth; the ‘layers’ beneath the surface and they energy and stories these hold. I work in different forms of print, whichever is most suited to capture the energy, mood and atmosphere of a place. Certain places have particular significance and I aim to explore not only their physical beauty but also the energy, stories and human connection contained within them. I am drawn to the relationship we have to the earth and our environment.

I have taught art and design for over twenty years, having originally trained in graphic design and illustration. During this time, I was introduced to printmaking in its different forms and have frequently returned to this medium as an integral part of my work.

Selected Prints 2018

Beacon Hill Autumn (Earth Energy Series)

Beacon Hill Autumn (Earth Energy Series)

by Sue Clegg

Monoprint on Cartridge