Shane Goadsby



I am a recent graduate of The University of Derby, where I studied BA Fine art. Throughout my course my practice has explored themes of presence, absence and time.

Metaphysical figures are imposed and present in a natural setting, allowing the viewer to question their own presence and perception of what they are seeing. There is a sense of multiple distorted realities merging into one another creating a dislocation between times.
The work investigates how surroundings challenge a sense of what viewers believe to be ‘true’. Creating a sense of being in the past and present, where time merges into one reality where constructs of time are integral. There is a dual sense of feeling in the work past and present, merging into one reality, where all constructs are presented through dry point prints.

Presenting these themes through dry point prints creates a narrative between the print and viewer. The print itself acts as a window where you can imagine time passing, this creates a sense that you could be viewing an image from any point in time taking on a voyeuristic approach.

Since graduating from my BA fine art degree, I have been on residencies at Surface Gallery (Nottingham) and QUAD (derby).