Shane Goadsby



I am currently studying BA (Hons) Fine art at Derby University and I will be graduating this year. I have followed my passion for art through my school years at various levels leading up to my degree course. Always wanting to depict or describe the appearance of a figure and this is something that I still continue to explore today.

Whilst at University my practice stems from themes of presence and absence, where there is a sense of being physically present in a setting or environment whilst feeling or becoming absent. I present these themes through installation and dry point prints creating a narrative in each concept, investigating how elements blend into surroundings and challenging the sense of what the viewer believes to be ‘true’. Aspects appear in either positive or negative, with outlines or sections placing the figures physically into the print, challenging perspective.

This aims to give a sense of dislocation, potentially creating a sense of not belonging, which further challenges the viewer to unpick the layers of ambiguity.



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by Shane Goadsby

Drypoint on Fabriano