Rosie Zielinski



My practice endeavours to explore how different materials are able to investigate the distortion of analogue photographic imagery. I am in interested by the way that an image is interpreted through various screen-based technology, whilst exploring this practically through my work, I have also been researching how the new digital age affects the way images are mediated and interpreted by the viewer.

I am also investigating the concept of windows and how a pane of glass can act as a barrier or mediator for how we perceive the outside world. My work is routed in ideas and notions of the sublime, and the undercurrent narrative of the imagery is how we experience the sublime within nature within contemporary urban surroundings. I endeavour to create work that causes the viewer to pause in reflection and question how the distortion of the imagery displayed alters its narrative. Although contemplative and meditative, I want my work to cause slight unease within the viewer. These themes are currently being explored through four colour separation screen prints and laser engraving frosted perspex.