Robyn Maclennan



Robyn is a UK based artist and printmaker who uses multiple printmaking and photography processes such as photopolymer, etching and cyanotypes to explore the landscape and our connections to it. Robyn holds an MA in Fine Art and is currently undertaking a PhD at London College of Communication where she is researching how ecoGothic theory can be used to re-examine our relationship with nature and how fear has permeated our perceptions of the non-human world. She is particularly interested in the links between the darkness found in the ecoGothic and the necessity of darkness to her photography and printmaking practice as well as how understanding the agency of both the natural world and the works she produces can grant us a better understanding of the world around us. She has exhibited at the ‘Withheld’ exhibition in London (2022) and featured in Somewhere in Between’s 2021 zine ‘Hmmm…Photography and Printmaking’.


Winner of the Dubrek Studios Award (2023)