Paul Rickard



My studio is situated in the mid-Wales town of Llanwrtyd Wells, home to the quirky sport of Bog Snorkelling and the ‘Man vs Horse’ marathon. I am a printmaker creating original works using the techniques of linoleum relief printing.

I also produce occasional monoprints, monotypes and white-line woodcuts. A degree of abstraction is a feature of my monochrome work – especially in the rendering of light and shadow. These images rely solely on this balance as I do not usually employ differentiated mark-making. This is particularly evident in the series of works portraying the dams of the Elan & Claerwen valleys.

My colour work can be divided into two main groups – smaller prints that are made using a simple block-colour approach and a more complex style that attempts to give a more realistic rendering of the subject.

As a self-taught latecomer to relief printing, I was attracted by its graphic feel and the technical nature of the processes involved. Whilst this technicality might seem at odds with creativity, I have found that the medium offers almost infinite scope for artistic expression. A long-held interest in archaeology means that I am particularly drawn to buildings and structures in their landscape settings. I am also fascinated by the concept of liminality; by boundaries, thresholds and transitional spaces.

Working from my own photographs and sketches – often using digital manipulation in the initial stages – I am attempting to portray these relationships in print. I particularly relish the intellectual, technical and artistic challenges involved in the creation of an image by the repeated transfer of ink onto paper via the medium of carved linoleum. There is often an element of serendipity in the process which adds an extra element of enjoyment and discovery to the process.


Winner of the Air Arts Award (2020)




Carreg Cennen III

by Paul Rickard

Multi-block Linocut on Fabriano Tiepolo (130gsm)


Craig Goch II

by Paul Rickard

Linocut on Fabriano Tiepolo (130gsm)


Cynghordy Viaduct 1960

by Paul Rickard

Reduction Linocut on Seet Kamal (130gsm)



Red Kite I

by Paul Rickard

Monoprint on Simili Japon (130gsm)