Marion Kuit



After a career teaching art in schools and Adult Education I have been able to pursue my own artistic life. I acquired a Columbian Press and have been experimenting ever since. I have focussed on relief prints as well as etching and lately, wood engraving.

I am a member of Lakes Artists and of Cumbria Printmakers having exhibited with them and other organisations throughout Britain. Earlier work used imagery which reflected issues of the day eg Obesity, health scares or social issues. Everyday objects were given a humorous twist and show a hint of Science Fiction or Other Worlds. The “Net Curtains” were a response to the many abandoned houses in Ireland, especially Donegal, where homes were left open to the elements and often ransacked. The torn or burnt net curtains seemed to symbolise the melancholic atmosphere of these abandoned homes and the events that must have preceded these evacuations.

The prints were made by printing a textured base onto black Rives paper and then overprinted using different layers of transparent ink using the ”Reduction” technique. This achieves different qualities of white.