Karen Clegg



I am a retired professional Graphic Designer and Global Communication Manager working in the industry for 30 years and musician involved in three ensembles – ZOO, TRIO Nerveux and JET Collective, writing, recording, performing and releasing an extensive repertoire of original compositions, as well as writing poetry.

I have always had a passion for art in particular print, especially lino print. Following my cancer diagnosis in 2016 and during my treatment, I have rekindled my passion for lino design and other print techniques first developed at University.

My designs have allowed my artistic expression to develop and helped my overall well-being. I have exhibited in numerous Nottingham & Derbyshire galleries since 2016 and continue to develop my creative skills and design ideas.

This last year I have begun to create a series of lino and dry point portraits, contemporary and historically based, on my own ancestry research. The importance of connection with the past and understanding where I come from but also focusing on the people close to me. This has been brought into sharp focus during the pandemic and my cancer diagnosis & treatment and the wayhese events have impacted all of our lives.


Winner of the People’s Choice Award (2019)