Jodie Wingham



Jodie Wingham is an artist, predominantly based within the field of printmaking, whose work investigates the nature of looking. Inspired by the act of observing others and the audiences’ enjoyment of this process she focuses on the viewers desire to gain information, what satisfaction we receive when an image is presented to us that reveals something not usually seen, a glimpse into the hidden. Using imagery with voyeuristic tendencies, where private moments are captured, she offers the audience the opportunity to fill in the gaps, interpret a narrative within the image in order to explore the act of looking and the roles of viewer and ‘voyeur’ in her work. Using this idea of the viewer as voyeur Wingham looks at how this act of looking can be invested with a power which is uncomfortable, even dangerous but ultimately enjoyable.

Since graduating with a Masters in Fine Art (2016) her work has been selected for shows across the United Kingdom, recently she was selected for a solo show at OUTPOST gallery, Norwich and an associate member of the RBSA in Birmingham. As a printmaker she seeks to combine traditional techniques  with modern technologies and materials to explore the photographic image based within her studio in the West Midlands.


Winner of the John Purcell Paper Award (2022)