Jo Wade



My training is in Fine Art. I gained an MA from Staffordshire University in 1992.

I consider myself a painter printmaker. My printmaking range includes etching, lithography, collagraph and monoprint. I enjoy the potential of all these disciplines and I am on a continuous journey to exploit the individual strengths of each process.

My inspiration is the transience of time and I draw on nature to help express these ideas. Through the ebb & flow of the tide and the changing of the seasons, I aim to capture an imagined moment whilst reiterating time’s cyclical nature. Through the abstracted sense of a place I hope to capture both permanence and transition thereby emulating the passing of time.



web Jo Wade - A waft of memory

A waft of memory

by Jo Wade

Collagraph on Somerset Satin

web Jo Wade - Rolling days

Rolling days

by Jo Wade

Collagraph on Somerset Satin

web Jo Wade - The journey through life

The journey through life

by Jo Wade

Monotype on Japanese Paper

web Jo Wade - The tide ebbs

The tide ebbs

by Jo Wade

Lithograph on Somerset Velvet