Jeannie Clark



My work is inspired by personal experiences and also grows from relationships and collaborations with others. After studying for my first Degree at St Martins School of Art I have continued with my creative practice alongside working professionally in the arts and education. When working with others I have developed works that are about shared stories and experiences often using personal objects. Those objects act as a conduit to uncover narratives of an individual life, histories and memories. The medium I use varies I have made drawings, paintings and prints and am currently moving towards documenting my work through film and photography.

The starting point for my recent work Waterscapes has been the experience of being in water. When swimming I become aware of my body and take pleasure from weightless movement. Submerged and being for a time in partnership with water and water landscapes is a joy. The caress and flow of water can be a romantic embrace, but water has an unpredictable elemental nature, and our personal stories about it are often visceral, powerful, beautiful, and dark.

When swimming I use all my senses including sound to capture the experiences that I have with swimming and water.