Herveline Cremmer



I am Herveline Cremmer, a French born artist based in England, currently studying a BA(Hons) in Fine art at Loughborough University, where I am developing my artistic identity and practice. My work attempts to grasp the distressing and obscure aspects of the human condition – inherent violence – whilst also investigating the human fascination with the repulsive. As such, my practice is informed by theories of the abject body, affect, the grotesque and the work of philosophers (in particular Nietzsche and Kant). These concepts are prevalent throughout art history, yet resonate with contemporary society, particularly amidst the global tensions and increasingly blurred boundaries of what defines a human.

I explore the erasure of the self and the distortion of mind and body within a modern context through a variety of mediums and techniques. These are printmaking – etchings and monotypes – and figurative sculpture, informed by drawing processes and photography.

As an artist, I am also concerned with the relation between artist, art and viewer, in particular the contradictory reactions that arise when faced with the raw language of deformity present in clinical, disturbing compositions. I observe these reactions to see whether viewers are subconsciously confronted with a buried truth regarding the deeper horror of existence.

Primarily investing in my future career in art, photography and photo-manipulation are a crucial support to the development of ideas and identity, as well as videography.


Winner of the John Purcell Paper Award (2019)