Francis Allwood



Consistently inspired by nature, sometimes with a hint of narrative and always founded upon my love of drawing, my work is handprinted at home on a traditional etching press – the old fashioned way. I love little details in nature – whether it be the curl of a bull’s forelocks, a dimple in a chicken’s comb or the simple forms of the centrepiece of a buttercup once the petals have fallen. I studied Illustration at Kingston University and it was here that I fell in love with printmaking: I was captivated by the smells, the touch and the rhythm of print. After having a family I have returned to what has always fulfilled me the most.

I focus largely on intaglio processes and at present my particular interest is mezzotint. I hand rock copper plates to the rich velvety black that is unique to mezzotint, and then bring images to life with specialist tools using the dark to light method. I find this process especially magical: it is time-consuming, engrossing and an absolute labour of love. I also create monotypes and etchings with similar joy.