Frances Arnold



Frances Arnold creates minimalist, geometric screenprints with a pop of colour.

Frances Arnold’s minimalist, geometric screenprints take inspiration from rural landscapes and the built environment. Architectural lines hold textured, block colour in geometric forms.

Arnold conveys an image in flux through playful colourways and precise line drawings. She combines drawing with printmaking to convey a textured quality in her reductive prints. Her subtle use of embossing to accentuate voids and colours playfully alters our perception of light, materials and space.
Arnold’s screenprints hold a fine balance between control and imperfection.

She refelects: “I am fascinated by the creative potential in the convergence of multiple perspectives. In the studio, I focus this attention through line, colour, voids and geometric forms to create dynamic, limited edition prints. Tactile images emerge that shift the eye between illusions of space and the material reality of ink and paper.”

“The visually disorientating images of artists like Bridget Riley and the delicate drawings of Richard Tuttle are hugely influential. I often create work in series and title prints to reflect the place and concepts that inspired the early drawings.”

Arnold graduated from Newcastle University in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and lives in Northumberland, UK.

She has exhibited since 2005 in a number of independent shows, print fairs and residency exhibitions in the UK, Norway and Sweden. Highlights include, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (2021), Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (2020), PrintFest (2019) and Northern Print.

Frances Arnold