Clare Morgan



I am inspired by observing the cyclical flow of the seasons, and how this connects to us, the dance between vibrant bloom and quiet pause serves as a powerful reminder. For me, it is about moving between periods of abundant energy and times for inward reflection. Just as the natural world ebbs and flows, so should our lives. In our Western culture, I think it can be a struggle to embrace this rhythm.

My artwork reflects this yearning for a more balanced connection with nature. I primarily use linocut, a process that inherently fosters mindfulness. Carving the image forces me to be present in the moment, a practice that infuses the final artwork with a sense of quiet contemplation. Recently, I’ve begun exploring woodcut and Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) – techniques that further emphasise slowness and deliberation.

The human form is a recurring element in my work. By juxtaposing human figures with natural elements, I love that instant connection to a portrait and we can build a story from it. I am also fascinated by Art Nouveau’s celebration of nature, I find inspiration in its use of strong, organic forms which often find their way into my work.

The choice of linocut and woodcut is not just practical. These techniques encourage a slower, more mindful approach to art-making, a philosophy that mirrors the message I strive to convey. By embracing the deliberate nature of these mediums, I hope to capture the essence of nature’s cyclical rhythm and inspire a deeper appreciation for its quiet wisdom.


Winner of the Surface Gallery Award (2019)

Clare Morgan