Andrew Gale



Andrew’s practice includes drawing, mixed media painting and printmaking (relief, silkscreen and letterpress). His artwork is inspired mainly by the natural environment and could be described as semi-abstract expressionist, exploring the landscape and the influence of people in the landscape. Recently, focussing on the intersection of human time, place and the physical environment. He curates the Drawing Room Café art space at Foxlowe Arts Centre, in Leek. He is a chartered engineer, working originally in industry internationally and then teaching and researching in higher education. He is a Professor Emeritus at The University of Manchester. There he collaborated with ARUP and artists, at Manchester School of Art, to develop postgraduate education on conceptual design for engineering and fine art postgraduate students. He is currently working on a series entitled, Freedom of Movement. This explores traces in the landscape, associated with paths near Kinder Scout and environs, comprising workflows in drawing, mixed media printmaking and artist’s books.

This work builds on his previous series entitled: Lie of the Land, inspired partly by the Kinder Mass Trespass, in 1932. This series includes limited edition posters and artist’s books, presenting four themes: Comrades, Local, State and Nature. Comrades, references the trespassers and their ghostly presence. Local, relates to localism in Hayfield, particularly prevalent during the Covid-19 lockdown periods. State, responds to the relationship between direct action and the role of the police, as an instrument of the state and the establishment. Nature, references the Anthropocene – does nature exist? Andrew has exhibited his work in the UK for a number of years and has recently exhibited and sold work in Chicago, USA. He holds a Foundation Degree, with distinction, in Creative Art and Design Practice, awarded by the University of Derby and is currently in the final year of his BA in Fine Art at Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University.





by Andrew Gale

Screen Print on Norfolk Cartridge (300gsm)



by Andrew Gale

Screen Print on Somerset Newsprint Grey (300gsm)