Andrew Gale



My practice includes drawing, mixed media and printmaking, inspired mainly by the natural environment. Much of my work could be described as semi-abstract expressionist, exploring the landscape and the influence of people in the landscape. Some of my recent printmaking is more representational. I have found that printmaking, as an extension of en plein air drawing and photography has become an important part of my process.

Recently, I have focussed on the intersection of human time, place and the physical environment. Walking in the Peak District, where I live as well as sea voyages in the Hebrides are an important source of inspiration. I curate the Drawing Room Café art space at Foxlowe Arts Centre, in Leek. I am a chartered engineer, working originally in industry internationally and then teaching and researching in higher education. Whilst working at The University of Manchester I collaborated with ARUP and artists at Manchester School of Art, to develop postgraduate education on conceptual design for engineering and fine art postgraduate students. I am currently working on a series entitled, Songs from the Landscape, in collaboration with an artist printmaker, Kim Major-George, who specialises in collagraphs. This explores traces in the landscape – particularly Kinder Scout and environs, comprising workflows in drawing, mixed media, printmaking and artist’s books.

For me, this project builds on two of my previous series entitled: Lie of the Land and Freedom of Movement, inspired partly by the Kinder Mass Trespass, in 1932. I explore both deep natural continuity in the landscape as well as more recent human traces and interventions. I have exhibited in the UK for a number of years now and recently in Chicago, USA. I hold a Foundation Degree from the University of Derby and a BA Honours in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University.

Andrew Gale