Amy Watkinson



My name is Amy Watkinson, I am currently 20 years old and fallen in and out of love with printmaking for the past 5 years.

I am originally from Ilkeston, but I came to Derby university to study fine art for three years and fell back in love with printmaking processes. My favourite printmaking process, and the process that I primarily work within is Screen-printing. It has taken me a while to find what it is I love about the process, and it has taken me just as long to figure out what methods create strong pieces of work. Within the last 4 months or so, I have been working with the CMYK process.

The outcomes of this process create, almost, photographic looking prints that have depth and curiosity. I also love photography, meaning that I can take my own photographs and turn them into a deep and meaningful print. The CMYK process has made me become addicted to printmaking, and it’s all I ever do five days a week now, the process itself is fun and bright and I love watching the changing colours and patterns within my pieces. You can produce almost anything with this process, which is why it’s so fascinating to me!

I still consider myself new and quite a novice when it comes to printing, I still have much to learn and refine through the next few years.


Winner of the Hunt the Moon Award (2019)

Amy Watkinson