Rhianna Catt



Rhianna Catt’s works in autoethnographic approach exploring ideas through symbolism of ideas. She specifically enjoys exploring the symbolism of different forms of nature which reflect her own experiences.

Through primarily intaglio techniques, she combines photographic and more abstract techniques to try an evoke emotion from the viewer using the work as a mirror to reflect an experience back on them in hope of understanding, changing the narrative and creating change. Some of the topics and issues she has explored includes mental health, sexual assault and rape, domestic abuse and female reproductive health issues.

She is also a passionate painter who uses similar topics to create beautiful illustrative human and animal paintings and imagery, combining realism and collage of ideas with the mediums: watercolour, acrylic ink and acrylic gouache.

Rhianna Catt graduated from the London College of Communication (UAL) in 2021 with First Class Honours in BA (hons) Illustration and Visual Media. She also works as a printmaking technician at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham.

She has shown her work in many spaces and exhibitions including: Royal Society of British Artists Bicentennial Exhibition 2023 at the Mall Galleries, RE International Original Print Exhibition 2022, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021 and many others.




Aftermath no.3

by Rhianna Catt

Photopolymer Etching on Somerset Velvet White (300gsm)


Aftermath no.7

by Rhianna Catt

Photo and Softground Etching on Somerset Velvet White (300gsm)



by Rhianna Catt

Etching with Aquatint on Somerset Velvet White (300gsm)



by Rhianna Catt

Etching with Aquatint on Somerset Velvet White (300gsm)